Automate memory testing Automate Memory Testing with .NET Memory Profiler

Be confident that you don't have any memory leaks in your application by automating memory testing using NET Memory Profiler.

With .NET Memory Profiler you can:

.NET Memory Profiler memory assertion using API

Automatically detect memory leaks

The .NET Memory Profiler API makes it possible to automatically detect memory leaks and control the profiler from within the profiled program. (more...)

.NET Memory Profiler memory assertion using attributes

Declare expected memory usage using method attributes

Add attributes to your method to define the expected memory usage. When profiling the application, the profiler will verify the expected behavior and notify you if the verification fails. (more...)

Memory assertions in NUnit

Include memory assertions in your unit testing

The testing can be fully automated by using a unit testing framework, such as NUnit, MSTest, or XUnit, and running the profiler using the free NmpCore tool or the MsBuild NmpCore task.

Multiple sessions in Visual Studio

Run unit tests under the profiler

by using the "Run unit tests under profiler" command in Visual Studio, or by using the CodeRush test runner, you can easily run your unit tests under the profiler. (more...)

.NET Memory Profiler can be used to automate your memory testing. Download the free trial to see how it can help you to automatically detect memory leaks.

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