Automate memory testing Improve Your Visual Studio Debugging Experience with .NET Memory Profiler

Start profiling, open session files, and get additional memory information while debugging, directly from Visual Studio. .NET Memory Profiler is fully integrated with Visual Studio, so you never have to leave your development environment.

With .NET Memory Profiler Visual Studio integration you can:

Start memory profiler from Visual Studio

Easily start profiling your Visual Studio projects

Simply select the Start memory profiler command, and .NET Memory Profiler will build your project and start profiling. View real-time memory usage, collect snapshots and quickly switch between source code and memory usage information.

If the start-up project is an Azure project, the profiler will start profiling the Azure compute emulator and its related processes.

Profiler visualizer menu

Improve your debugging experience

You can debug and profile the memory usage at the same time. Snapshots can be collected while stopped at a breakpoint. Use the profiler visualizer from a watch window and get access to all the information you might need about an instance, such as a full instance graph and the allocation call stack. (more...)

Multiple sessions in Visual Studio

Run unit tests under the profiler

By using the "Run unit tests under profiler" command in Visual Studio, you can now easily run your unit tests under the profiler. (more...)

.NET Memory Profiler can be integerated into Visual Studio. Download the free trial to see how it can help you with your memory issues directly from Visual Studio and improve your debugging experience.

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