List of articles related to .NET Memory Profiler and the .NET Framework.

Here you will find articles related to .NET Memory Profiler, the .NET Framework and runtime, and other memory related subjects.

Memory Usage Optimization in Charts Library

Jun 16, 2017

When we converted the user interface of .NET Memory Profiler from Windows Forms to WPF (for the v5.0 release), we needed to replace the charting component we used for the real-time presentation. [more]

Resource leak in TreeView

When investigating memory problems reported by a user of .NET Memory Profiler (in our support forum), a resource leak was discovered. [more]

Memory profiling SQL Server

One profiling scenario that is currently not supported by .NET Memory Profiler is SQL Server profiling. If your SQL Server database contains any .NET stored procedures or any other .NET code it can be important to validate the memory usage of the .NET code, especially if any state is kept by the .NET code. [more]

The "Other data" node

A common question we get about the profiler is how the number presented under the “Other data-><Other>” node in the Native memory tree should be interpreted. This number can often be significant compared to the total memory used by the application. [more]

Memory leak in ToolStripTextBoxControl

Occasionally we get e-mails about potential memory leaks that a user of .NET Memory Profiler have identified using the profiler, but where they have not been able find a solution to the problem. [more]

The Control.VisibleChanged event

In 2001 we were working on converting our Lab Assistant project from Visual J++ to .NET (this was pre-.NET 1.0, but Visual J++ was being abandoned). Lab Assistant is an application that connects to and controls scientific instruments over the network. [more]

Minor memory leak introduced in .NET Framework 2.0 SP1

A while ago we received a support request from a customer that had a memory leak in his application. After showing, closing and disposing an MDI child form, the Form instance was still alive. [more]

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