Investigate Memory Problems in Production Code

.NET Memory Profiler provides the most detailed information when you start the profiled application from the profiler. However, this is not always possible when troubleshooting memory problems in a production application, e.g. when the problem occurs on a customer’s computer and cannot be easily reproduced.

With .NET Memory Profiler you can:

  • Select process to attach

    Attach to a running process

    When you cannot start the profiled application from the profiler for any reason, you will still be able to attach to a running process and get detailed memory usage information.

  • NmpCore control panel

    Gather memory information on machines where .NET Memory Profiler is not installed

    The NmpCore tool is a standalone tool for collecting snapshots and creating session files on machines where .NET Memory Profiler is not installed.
    It requires no installation and make it easy to retrieve memory data from remote sites. (more...)

  • Remote profiling

    Profile a process on a remote machine

    Remote profiling allows you to use a development computer to profile a process running on a computer where you do not want to or cannot install the full profiler. The NmpCore tool is used on the remote computer to provide remote profiling access to the computer. (more...)

  • Importing memory dump

    Import memory dump files

    Sometimes all you have is a memory dump file. Import it using .NET Memory Profiler, and you can easily get a visual overview of the memory usage of the process.