Download .NET Memory Profiler

Here you can download the full version of .NET Memory Profiler. When starting the profiler you will be prompted for a registration key. The registration key is obtained by buying .NET Memory Profiler. If no key is entered the program will run as a fully-functional evaluation that can be used for seven non-consecutive days.

Download .NET Memory Profiler 5.0 Installer

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(37,983 KB, version 5.0.156, March 27, 2017)

Read the release notes for information about additions and changes to .NET Memory Profiler. You can read and download the end-user license agreement here.

To install the software, run MemProfilerInstaller5_0_156.exe. This is a standard Windows installer. The installation can be changed and uninstalled using "Program and Features" under the Windows Control panel.

Windows Installer MSI-files

If you need to install .NET Memory Profiler using MSI-files, you can download them from here.