.NET Memory Profiler Tutorials

We have prepared a set of tutorials that will guide you through some common .NET Memory Profiler tasks.

The tutorials are based on a Game of Life application that exhibits some memory related issues.

The source code of the application, including a Visual Studio solution, can be downloaded using the links to the right. The compressed source code file also contains a file named "build.bat", which can be used to build the Game of Life application without using Visual Studio.

NOTE! The tutorials were created using an old version of .NET Memory Profiler. Lesson 2 and 3 are still useful for learning how to locate memory problems, but lesson 1 is outdated and has been removed.

Lesson 1: Getting Started (obsolete, removed)

This lesson will guide you through the necessary steps to start profiling the Game of Life application. It will also take a look at the profiler settings and give a brief explanation of them.

Lesson 2: Locate and Fix a Memory Leak

This lesson will show you how to locate and fix a memory leak in the Game of Life application.

Start lesson 2 (5,092 KB)

Lesson 3: Optimize Memory Utilization

This lesson will show you how to use the real-time view and the dispose tracker to optimize the memory usage of the Game of Life application.

Start lesson 3 (4,460 KB)

NOTE! You will need a Flash Player to be able to run the lessons from the web.

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