Unmanaged Resources Tracker

Professional and Enterprise only

The unmanaged resources tracker allows the profiler to present detailed information about unmanaged resources, such as heap memory, bitmaps, and windows. The information presented includes:

      Resources overview

An overview of all resources with allocated instances is presented together with the managed types in the Types/Resources view. For more information, see Types/Resources Page.

      Resource details

The details of a specified resource can also be presented. The details include a list of all live instances of the resource and information about the call stacks that have allocated the instances. For more information, see Type/Resource Details Page.

      Resource instance details

Information about a specific resource instance is presented under the Instance details page. This information includes the allocation call stack, nested resource instances, and managed instances that wrap the resource instance. For more information, see Instance Details Page.

      Real-time resources overview

If real-time data collection is enabled, the real-time view includes information about the number of allocated resource instances and live resource instances. For more information, see Real-Time Page.

The resource tracker is enabled using the Enable unmanaged Resources  check box on the General settings page.

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