Type/Resource/Filter Details Page

The Type/Resource/Filter details page shows the details of a selected type, resource, or filter. The type, resource, or filter can be selected either by double-clicking on an entry under the Over view page, by using a Show details command, or by selecting it using the dropdown lists at the top of the details page. The left-most drop-down list is used to select whether Type, Resource, or Filter details should be shown. The other is used to select the specific item (type, resource, or filter). The item can also be selected by typing (with auto-complete), making it easier to select a specific type.

The navigation buttons can also be used to navigate among the selected types or resources. For more information about the navigation buttons, see Navigating Types, Resources, Filters, and Instances.

Below the drop-down lists, all information about the selected item is presented in an info panel. The info panel will also include information about any issues discovered by the memory analyser. The information presented is the same as the information presented for each entry under the Overview page. The way it is presented depends on the selected field set. For more information about analysis issues, see Automatic Memory Analysis.

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