Response Files

Response files can be used to provide command-line arguments to the profiler. A response file is a text file with one command line argument per line. A ‘#’ symbol can be used to specify comments in the response file.

To provide a response file to the profiler, use the ‘@’ symbol followed by the name of the response file.


Assume the file named MemUser.rsp contains the following text:

# MemUser.rsp


# Starts profiling the executable MemUser.exe in

# non-interactive mode. The dispose tracker is disabled

# and the session is automatically saved at the end.







/sessionfile:”MemUser.exe session %DATE% %TIME%.prfsession”

/sessionfolder:C:\Autosaved sessions”


# The program to profile must be the last argument.



To start the profiler using the response file above, the following command should be used:

NetMemProfiler.exe @MemUser.rsp

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