Profiler Projects

(Professional and Enterprise only)

A .NET Memory Profiler project is used to define the process to profile and to specify the session settings, making it easier to use different settings for different applications. It also keeps track of session files related to the project, allowing you to compare snapshots between different sessions. This is particularly useful when doing automated testing and you want to check whether the memory usage has changed between different builds of a program.

Profiler projects are created using the New Profiler project command and loaded using the Open->Profiler Project command. For more information see the “How to…” topic Create or Load a Profiler Project.

All created and loaded profiler projects are included in the Profiler Projects Explorer window.


If not visible, the Profiler Projects Explorer window can be shown using the Profiler Projects Explorer command under the View menu (or the View->Other Windows menu in Visual Studio 2005).

It is possible to set one of the projects in the projects explorer to active using the SetActiveProjectSet Project as Active command. When a project is active it is possible to start a new profiling session based on the settings in the project. For more information see the “How to…” topic Start Profiling using a Profiler Project. To remove the active state of a project, click the ClearActiveProjectRemove Project as Active command.

The set of projects in the projects explorer and the active project are saved when the profiler exits, and it is reloaded the next time .NET Memory Profiler is run. When running .NET Memory Profiler under Visual Studio, the information about profiler projects is saved in the user settings of the active solution.

To unload a project from the projects explorer, use the Remove command in the explorer window.

.NET Memory Profiler User Manual

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