.NET Memory Profiler Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a single .NET Memory Profiler license on multiple computers?

A: Yes, .NET Memory Profiler is licensed per named user. You are allowed to install the software on as many machines as necessary, but only licensed users are allowed to use it.

Q: Do you offer floating or concurrent licenses?

A: No, currently we only offer named user licenses and site licenses. If you have specific licensing needs, please contact us licensing@scitech.se and we can probably work something out.

Q: Can I transfer a named license from one user to another?

A: Yes, you are allowed to move a named license from one user to another, by removing a previously added user using the online license manager. The possibility to remove a user is intended for cases where users are replaced, or are moving between departments or projects. A user cannot be removed unless he has been added for at least three months so this cannot be used as a floating license.

Q: My support and upgrades subscription has expired. Can I renew the subscription after the expiry date?

A: Yes, you can purchase a subscription renewal any time after the subscription has expired. The subscription will be extended from the expiry date and not the renewal purchase date. Depending on when the subscription expired, it might be better to purchase a version upgrade instead. If you contact us at sales@scitech.se, we will help you decide on the best upgrade/renewal option.

Q: We have several registration keys for our .NET Memory Profiler licenses. Is it possible to get a single registration key for all licenses?

A: Yes, licenses can be combined so that they only have a single registration key. This can simplify license management and make sure that there is only a single subscription expiry date for all licenses. However, it is currently not possible to combine licenses using the license manager, so please contact licensing@scitech.se for assistance.

Q: We have a registration key for multiple licenses of .NET Memory Profiler. Is it possible to get a specific registration key for each license?

A: Yes, a set of licenses with a common registration key can be split into several sets, each with their own registration key and support and upgrades subscription. However, it is currently not possible to split licenses using the license manager, so please contact licensing@scitech.se for assistance.

Q: I need to review the end-user license agreement. Is it available for download?

A: Yes, you can read and download the end-user license agreement from here.

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