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Starting .NET Memory Profiler

Automatic Memory Analysis

Held and Reachable Instances

Instance Graph

Guided Profiling and the Tasks Window

Instance and Allocation Filters

Peak Snapshots

Profiler Projects

Remote Profiling

The .NET Memory Profiler Window


Session Settings

Overview Page

Type/Resource/Filter Details Page

Instance Details Page

Call Stacks/Methods Page

Native Memory Page

Real-Time Page

Dispose Tracker

Heap Utilization Tracker

Unmanaged Resources Tracker

AppDomains Tracker

Call Stacks Reduction

GC Handle Identification

Visual Studio Integration

The NmpCore Tool

.NET Memory Profiler API

Using Assertions to Detect Memory Leaks

Handling Failed Memory Assertions

API Reference

SciTech.NetMemProfiler Namespace

AllowInstancesAttribute Class

AllowNewInstancesAttribute Class

AssertionAttribute Class

AssertionsDefinition Class

AssertionsDefinition Members

AssertionsDefinition Constructor

AssertionsDefinition Methods

AllowInstances Method

AllowNewInstances Method

MaxBytes Method

MaxInstances Method

MaxNewBytes Method

MaxNewInstances Method

NoInstances Method

NoNewInstances Method

AssertionsThread Enumeration

MaxBytesAttribute Class

MaxInstancesAttribute Class

MaxNewBytesAttribute Class

MaxNewInstancesAttribute Class

MemAssertion Class

MemAssertion Members

MemAssertion Methods

Assert Method

BeginAssertions Method

EndAssertions Method

NoInstances Method

NoNewInstances Method

NoNewInstancesExcept Method

MemAssertion Events

MemAssertion.AssertionsSession Structure

MemProfiler Class

MemSnapShot Structure

NoInstancesAttribute Class

NoNewInstancesAttribute Class

TypeSet Class